Moving Towards a Balanced Market

Moving Towards a Balanced Market

Geneva Financial - The Kernen Team
Geneva Financial - The Kernen Team
Published on July 14, 2022

Moving Towards a Balanced Market

Balanced Real Estate Market

I’m hearing so much like defeat language and oh my God. I’m doomed and everything else. And. No, that’s just not the case. Look it’s the last two years have been amazing, right?

I mean, a lot of people have made a lot of money. It was thrilling, rush, full, frustrating. There were just all kinds of stuff, but that wasn’t normal. That’s not healthy. That’s not sustainable. Let’s look at the market that we’re in today. Interest rates are any much more normal pace inventory. Although is still a long way from being balanced is returning closer to normal.

Don’t Panic!

Don’t panic though. I’m hearing so much defeat language and it’s really frustrating. Be very, very careful of the message you’re conveying about whatever your business or anything else. What message are you conveying to your prospects and your clients about if you’re afraid of this market, they’re going to be afraid of this market.

Subliminal ways of just subtle communications or defeat comments or SI at the wrong time or stop and take just a moment and think about what you actually believe about this market right now. Let’s look at what a normal real estate market might be. Normal means, marketing and exposure time of what?

Typically, three to six months, maybe a couple showings a month. That’s normal. We’re back to a market where fundamentals matter quality listing, pitch, quality, listing photos, descriptions, all of that kind of stuff. Patience, expectations, those things matter as well. We’re having more balanced negotiations between buyers and sellers.

Balanced Market


That’s a healthy and normal thing. Buyers are now having a chance to maybe get some seller concessions toward closing costs, or maybe I actually can sleep on this house before it gets 17 other offers and how much craziness that used to be. Perspective wise, like we’re not doing 125 miles an hour on the interstate anymore.

We really shouldn’t have been. Now we’re doing 75 as kind of things should be, but it seems really slow in comparison. So don’t lose perspective of what normal is just because the last two years have been so crazy. Now on the flip side of it, as I’ve said many times before, this is not 2008 all over again.

I think of this as more of a, a return to normalcy than any kind of crash or freeze or anything else like that home prices will steady to a much more sustainable level. Normal type of appreciation, perhaps things come down ever so slightly in certain markets, but it’s not like 2008 and we don’t need to fear that.

Fundamentals Matter

So again, fundamentals matter, be very careful of your language and that subliminal vibe that you’re putting out right there. Cause I’m hearing a lot of people maybe sending a message that they’re not intending. So. My message to you today is just that stop and think about how you actually feel about this market.

Should people be buying homes, should your sellers be selling? Yeah, probably make sure that is our tone of. Write representation and the way things should be. And I hope you find that helpful. My team and I are still here to help as we’ve always been, we’re not compromising on our process. We’re still running things just great.

Balanced Market 2

How can we help you and your clients?

So let us know who we can help. We’ll run through our intake process properly, prepare them as a buyer, answer everybody’s questions and make things successful today just as we did two years ago, five years ago, and will to, and five years into the future. So hope you find that helpful love to hear back from you.

Maybe we can get together sometime soon and just talk business, see how things are going for you. See what we can do to. That’s all for now. Have an awesome day. Take care. Bye.

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