Ribbon Cash Program

Using Ribbon to Win Your Offer What is ribbon cash and how do we use it to help you win home purchase offers? It is late May of 2022, giving you the latest update. This is most important if you’re a home buyer trying to compete and win a home in our current market. Ribbon […]

What We’re Seeing in Our Market

Current Market Hello everybody, It’s Adam Kernen your favorite mortgage lender. Hope you’re doing well coming to you late May 2022 as a message to everybody. I know just about what we’re really seeing in this market. Now, my team and I are just one view where, I mean, we’re a good, but small part […]

Agent Tips and Core Knowledge

Know What You’re Selling or Buying Hello agents and realtor friends. It’s Adam, Kernen hope you are doing well coming to you this week, just with a couple of random tips and different things we’ve seen recently. I don’t have any one great topic other than random tips and core knowledge for you this week. […]

Perspective: Crazy/hard times?

Perspective on our market Certainly, I’m not the only one who has these thoughts right now. If you’re reading this blog, you’re a business friend of mine, and I’m sure that you two have thoughts about this being a crazy, challenging, difficult, perhaps even impossible market that we’re in. I want to bring a little […]

Preapproval Disaster Stories

Preapproval Disasters Hello everybody it’s Adam and your favorite mortgage lender with Geneva home loans. Hope you’re doing well, bringing you a little different video today. This one might be a little bit hard to hear, but I think it’s perhaps one of the most important blogs I’ve ever wrote, whether you’re an agent or […]

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