Follow-ups for Agents

Two of the Best Follow-ups These are two completely separate things. Number one is just the nine- or 10-word email simply says something like, are you still thinking about buying a home this year? Just sending out that message with no paragraphs scripts, links or anything else. Just sending that out via email, or if […]

Ribbon Cash Update

April Ribbon Cash Update Hello, realtor friends. It’s Adam Kernen hope you are doing well coming to you. 1st of April, 2022, with some updates about the ribbon cash program. We’ve been using it for a little while now. So I kind of wanted to report on some best practices, tips and how we can […]

Housing Headlines

Breaking Down Recent Housing Headlines Hey everybody. It’s Adam, Kernen your favorite mortgage lender. Today’s March 29th, 2022. I wanted to give you some color on these really scary housing headlines related to mortgages that have been all over the media recently and put them into context. As we know, the media is not always […]

New Office

Brand new Office!! 1705 Beaucastel Rd. Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 STE# 100 Hello all, its Adam Kernen, from the Kernen team at Geneva Financial. Hope you are doing well coming to you from our new office. This is not just a brag on our office blog. I literally want to show you what’s in this […]

Lunch and Learn Events

LnL Events Hello realtors, real estate agent friends. It’s Adam Kernen with the Kernen team at Geneva financial. I hope this blog finds you well, as you know, my team and I are passionate about a great loan process and helping our borrowers achieve home ownership, success, but we’re also passionate about helping you grow […]

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