Condominiums Vs Townhomes

Agent Critical Knowledge Series 1 Hey everybody. It’s Adam Kernen, branch manager with Geneva financial here in Mount pleasant. Bringing you the next installment of our become a better agent in 2022 series, where in about five minutes a week, I will make you a better, more informed, more knowledgeable and more effective real estate […]

First Time Home Buyers

First Time-Home Buyer program Hello everybody! It’s Adam Kernen, your favorite mortgage specialist. Hope you are doing well coming to you this week with a useful blog, all about the first-time buyer program. If you’re reading this blog, this is for anyone who’s thinking about buying a home or buying another home or anyone in […]

Flood and Insurance Updates

Your Yearly Flood and Insurance Update 2022 Hello agent and realtor friends! For this week’s blog, we have an update about flood insurance and homeowners’ insurance changing in our markets.  I had two insurance experts in to talk about this very topic. I’ll boil it down into a shorter version in this blog. Flood Maps […]

Referral Motivation

Referral Motivation Hello, realtors and agent friends! It’s Adam, Kernen coming to you in early 2022. I honestly think this is the most important lesson I’ve ever taught you in this series. This came out of a discussion with my team last week in comparing, why is it? We have agent friend A over here […]

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