Huge Importance of a Team

Huge Importance of a Team

Geneva Financial - The Kernen Team
Geneva Financial - The Kernen Team
Published on June 8, 2022

Huge Importance of a Team

Why it’s so Important to Build a Reliable Team

Hello everyone, it’s Adam Kernen your favorite mortgage lender. Hope you are doing well. I’m writing this blog the first week of June 2022. You may not have even noticed, but I’ve been dead to the world for about a week with COVID. This is day eight. I apologize if my energy is lower than usual. I wanted to bring you a blog talking about the importance of a team and how things kept running, even though I was in really rough shape for a week. First off, I’m very thankful things weren’t worse than they were. Though, it’s definitely not been a fun week. I’m also extremely thankful for my team. If you guys know Greg Jeremy, Nick, our business was able to keep running during the time that I was completely dead to the world.

Team Production

Our team had six closings, all of which closed on time with no hitches. We wrapped up may, which was ninth in the company nationwide. We’re very proud of that. Our team had more people referred to us. We had consultations, pre-approvals got done, offers, got made and won three offers last week. Two of which were highest and best and best positioned out of multiple offers.

The third of which got accepted by using ribbon so that they could purchase the new home before selling their current home. I’m extremely thankful for all the things that happened when I was essentially using. That’s not an accident. Unfortunately, the real estate industry and mortgage industry are largely set up that every man is an island and every broker wants a hundred people.

All of whom can prospect sells service clients, market take care of details, contracts, and everything else. That’s just not the way we’re built as people or as a business. In fact, you probably won’t find any other business or industry in America. That operates the same as real estate and mortgage.

Team Production

Systems and Redundancies

Let’s examine how important it is to have some systems and redundancies for when life happens, like has just happened to me. I mean, airlines, there’s always two pilots at the front of the airplane, at least two, right? That’s not an accident. The safe delivery of passengers is extremely important.

Truck drivers have limits on how much, how many miles, how many hours they can drive before they’re deemed to become unsafe. Compare that. Martyr syndrome in our industry where you see people bragging about working till 11:30 PM, Sunday night and up at five o’clock and doing this for my clients and driving 50 miles to cut somebody’s yard and doing all these crazy things to satisfy one’s own ego.

That’s not good business people, our clients don’t benefit from it, your business doesn’t benefit from it and look at what that means for life. I see too many people that have become too captive to this business where the business runs them rather than vice versa. So. I want to make two points about today.

Business statistics concept.

Point One

The first one is the immodest part. I’m extremely thankful that our team was able to take care of everything. You probably didn’t even notice that I was out. That’s not an accident. That’s very intentional in the way we’ve built our team and our systems and our redundancies so that you, your paycheck, your clients, everyone else has been well-served. Even though something went really wrong behind the scenes, how many other people in business do you allow your clients to work with? Where that could happen? Even if somebody spills coffee on a laptop or goes on vacation or gets sick, unexpectedly has a car crash.

Whatever is your transaction in jeopardy because of one single individual person’s reliability. Please let us help your clients. Our performance is not an accident and I’ll take the modesty hat off from stricken. I believe that our team can perform at a higher level for a longer period of time than anyone else out there.

So thank you for referring the people that you do so that we can take care of them.

Point Two

Last point I want to make for you is stop and think a little bit about the structure of your business. If you’re susceptible to that, I can help a coach can help. There’s lots of ways to build in some redundancy and just safeguards in your business.

Even if it’s another agent that you meet with twice a week and talk about each other’s business so that if something happens, someone else can at least take over and make sure your clients are properly cared for much less marketing, continuing, and all that kind of stuff. If you don’t have a coach, I’m happy to share the lessons I’ve learned.

I’ve had some great coaching and strategies. I’ve made lots of mistakes in building a team. Hopefully I can share those with you and shorten the learning curve and help get you to a point where things just work better, more profitable, safer, easier, and just better all around for everybody. So I hope you find this valuable video valuable.

I hate that I had to go through and what was behind making it but all as well now, again, everything is performing perfectly. So look forward to speaking with your clients and helping you sometimes have an awesome day. Take care of.

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